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Dr. Ananya Gandotra (she/her). PhD

About the Founder

Dr. Ananya Gandotra, an Architect, Industrial Designer, ESG Evangelist and Author, has a PhD in Architecture and is an alumnus of Cardiff University, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Manipal Institute of Technology.

She has 30 years of experience in Design and Project development in India, Dubai, Nepal and China. She is the Founder Director at AG Strategic Management & Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. She works on diverse portfolio including, Land development, Innovative and Sustainable products with Global Investors and Marque associates, who have a keen focus on India’s growth and opportunities.

Dr.Gandotra’s academic book is available at Harvard, Princeton university’s libraries for knowledge seekers in the field of Geometric analysis of Ancient Structures, Computer application in a field of Architecture history, Deciphering Proportions and Mathematical calculation in Indian Temples. The 3 Vol book is titled “Indian Temple Architecture - Analysis of Plans, Sections and Roof Form”.

Key proficiencies: Project Management, Design Management, Implementation and Programming, Project Viabilities, Statutory Approvals and Liaison, Revenue Models, Project Positioning and Business Development, Branding, Owner- Consultant Liaison, Site Coordination: Documentation, Processes and Coordination, Contracts, Costing and Estimates, Tenders, Pre- opening Commissioning and Audits, Marketing Strategy.

Adit Gandotra

About the Co-Founder

I am a Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Drexel University. Being a member of the Global Learning Classroom(GLC), I plan to integrate my skills in Business through entrepreneurial efforts. Having a distinct array of interests, I am keen on integrating my knowledge of Finance and Supply Chain Management.

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